Ellison Gibb (1879 – 1970)

Image of Ellison Gibb
Ellison Gibb appearing at court, 30th October 1912 (NRS, HH16/42)

On 1st November 1912, Ellison Scotland Gibb was sentenced to 3 days' imprisonment at Dundee Police Court for smashing windows. She served her full sentence.

Ellison was born in Lanark on 6th March 1879 to Peter Gibb, a fish merchant, and Margaret Skirving. An active Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU) member, in 1910 and 1911 she was imprisoned twice in Holloway and once in Aylesbury where she was forcibly fed.

She brought a successful charge of assault against a Mr E. H. Smith of Dundee who had grabbed and held her when she tried to speak to the Prime Minister at Ladybank. In 1913 she bought Mrs Pankhurst's 'Cat and Mouse Act' licence (sold in aid of WSPU funds) for £100.

Ellison died, unmarried, on 18th May 1970, aged 91, in Ayr County Hospital.

Ellison's case can be examined in a file held by National Records of Scotland.