Winnie Wallace

On 28th August 1913 Winnie Wallace, and Suffragette Flora Helen Smith, hid on a golf course at Lossiemouth where Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, was playing the with his daughter Violet. When they reached the 17th green the women appeared and hit Asquith, knocking his hat off.

The ladies were brought to the clubhouse where the crowd jeered at them. 'The Globe' newspaper noted that they wore green and white jerseys and were 20 and 30 years of age.

Winnie gave her address as 61 Nethergate, Dundee (the headquarters of Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU)) when, on 29th August, the ladies appeared before Sheriff Dunlop at Elgin. When asked to stand, the ladies refused saying they could hear just as well sitting as standing. When asked a second time Flora said "Oh! We had better stand up to please them." They pled not guilty to assaulting the Prime Minister and Breach of the Peace, and bail was reduced to £5.

The case was dropped.

Winnie's case can be examined in a file held by National Records of Scotland.