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Scotlands Census 2001 Statistics on Moving Households and Moving Groups


1. Much information on migration within, into and out of Scotland was published in the occasional paper "Scotland’s Census 2001 : Statistics on Migration", published in January 2005 (

2. This new occasional paper looks at the way people migrated in households and other groups. Most of the information in the paper classifies people into whether they were or were part of a "wholly moving" or a "partly moving" household. Definitions of these terms are given on the section entitled "The Terms Used in This Paper".

3. The paper gives details of people in moving groups/moving households and the groups/households themselves. Most of the tables contain data for the whole of Scotland although many of the later tables, maps and charts contain breakdowns to local authority level. There is also some information on migration between (and within) categories of urban and rural areas and migrants to and from Scotland’s four largest cities.

4. All of the information in this paper has come from the 2001 Census. More detailed information on the Census is given in the Appendix.

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