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The Most Popular Names in Scotland 2007

Girls’ Names

For the third year, Sophie is the most popular girls’ name for new babies. Emma remains in second place whilst Lucy climbs to third. The top ten names are the same as last year with only minor changes to the rankings. There are five new entrants in the top twenty - Ava (up 14 places to 14th), Isla (up 7 places to 16th), Brooke (up 15 places to 17th), Niamh (up 5 places to 19th) and Eilidh (up 16 places to 20th).

Evie (up 18 places to 47th) and Jenna (up 12 places to 50th) are new entrants in the top 50 whilst Eva (up 8 places to 21st), Skye (up 11 places to 23rd), Ruby (up 19 places to 26th), Lily (up 14 places to 33rd), and Kayla (up 8 places to 41st) also make significant advances.

Amelia (up 40 places to 57th) and Abi (up 20 places to 61st) climb within the top 100 whilst Summer (up 75 places to 52nd), Sophia (up 66 places to 64th), Casey (up 60 places to 70th), Kaitlyn (up 32 places to 70th), Charley (up 44 places to 86th) and Rhianna (up 35 places to 98th) are among the new entrants. Natalie (up 13 places to 52nd), Elise (up 24 places to 83rd), Rachael (up 27 places to 88th) and Alice (up 26 places to 97th) also make significant advances after dropping out of the top 100 last year.

Fallers within the top 50 were Rachel (down 13 places to 29th) and Leah (down 17 places to 35th). Further down the top 100 Paige (down 11 places to 34th), Amber (down 14 places to 60th) Shannon (down 11 places to 63rd), Laura (down 13 places to 77th) and Rosie (down 11 places to 98th) were also less popular than last year.

Demi, Maisie, Cerys, Natasha, Alisha, Naomi, Charlie, Alexandra and Jodie have all dropped out of the top 100.

By early-December 2007, nearly 26,200 girls had been registered, with over 3,700 different names being used. The top 50 girls' names accounted for 44 per cent of the registrations, and nearly 2,400 girls in Scotland were given unique (for 2007) first names.

A full list of all first names registered in 2007 may be downloaded from our website.

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