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What Can I Take Into The Search Rooms

What Can I Take Into The Search Rooms

The following information outlines what is permitted in our search rooms and forms part of our Conditions of Access:

  • Your Reader’s Ticket or identification documents for registration
  • You may only use a pencil or laptop when taking notes in the Historical Search Room and associated areas.
  • Permitted items taken into the Historical Search Room must be placed in a clear plastic bag or folder provided  inside the lockers or by staff (measuring 29cm x 42cm by 60cm.); clear bags/folders must be returned.
  • Staff may ask to view the contents of your clear bag upon entry or exit of the Historical search room, for the purposes of document security.

The following information outlines what is not permitted in our search rooms:

  • Ink, pens (including gel pens), correction fluid, scissors, knives, scanners and anything else which, in the opinion of staff, has potential to damage records.
  • Eating and drinking is not permitted.
  • All bags and outdoor garments, including all jackets, umbrellas and hats, must be deposited in the lockers.  
  • Larger bags and luggage cannot be left in the locker room and alternative arrangements should be made. Items are left in lockers at your own risk. Please do not leave anything of value in the lockers. Lockers will be emptied each night.