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How to Obtain a Reader's Ticket

How to Obtain a Reader's Ticket

A reader's ticket to the Historical Search Room is issued without charge.  It allows the holder access to records in the Historical Search Room for historical research purposes only.  It is valid for up to three years.

A reader's ticket will only be issued on your personal application in the Historical Search Room, after you have produced:

  • photographic proof of your identity
  • proof of your current address such as a utility bill (These must be originals, not scanned or viewable only on a mobile phone. Please note items with a handwritten address cannot be accepted.)
  • two passport-sized colour photographs

Once issued, your ticket is valid in the Historical Search Room but not the Legal Search Room, although you may consult catalogues and indexes there.  Please note that:

  • you must present your ticket when entering General Register House
  • as your ticket acts as a security pass, its loss or any change of the details recorded on it must be reported to us immediately
  • your ticket remains the property of the National Records of Scotland - we may charge you for the replacement of a lost or mislaid ticket
  • unreasonable behaviour towards other readers or staff will result in the withdrawal of your reader's ticket.