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Statistics & Data


All statistics that we produce - This section explains how our statistics are organised and links to all of our statistics including statistical summaries.

Population of Scotland - This section contains the latest population of Scotland and links to other population estimates that we produce.

Top baby names in Scotland - This section contains the top baby names for both boys and girls and links to other names and births data.

Leading causes of death in Scotland - This section contains the top causes of death in Scotland and links to other death statistics that we produce.

About our Statistics - This section describes the background to National and official statistics, the policies and practices used to produce them and our revisions policy that details how we deal with Revisions and Corrections to our data.

User Consultation Groups and Seminars - Information on consultation groups and seminars associated with the National Records of Scotland (NRS).

Scotland's Census

For 2011 Census results please go to the Scotland's Census website.

2001 Census - This section contains background information, updates and papers. Most of the statistics results from the 2001 Census are available on our Scotland's Census website.

1991 Census - This section contains information on the 1991 census.

For information about earlier censuses.
The statistical reports from the Censuses from 1801 to 1931 are available on the Histpop - The Online Historical Population Reports website.

NHS Central Register

The NHS Central Register section contains information about the Register including Medical Research and what its used for. Information that is held and who has access to it. There are also details on How to Use the Register for Medical Research applications.


Our Geography pages allow you to access and download digital products that support the use of geography in developing statistics.

Geography is key to virtually all National Statistics and provides the structure for collecting, processing and aggregating data.

Information About Geographical Areas

NRS Postcode Extract - The NRS Postcode Extract is made up of two key files, Postcode Index and Postcode Boundaries.

2001 Census: Geography Output - Index and lookup tables relating to the 2001 Census.

2001 Census: Geography Classifications - Further information about the different areas that make up the 2001 Census Geography

Scottish Longitudinal Study

The Scottish Longitudinal Study (SLS) section contains information about the SLS and the data that it includes. Information about what the SLS can be used for and who can access it. As well as links to research findings from projects using the SLS and some information on the governance and security measures in place to protect the data.

Data Linkage for Statistics and Research

NRS are working in collaboration with NHS National Services Scotland (NSS) and Administrative Data Research Centre (ADRC) which is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), to deliver data linkage for statistical research projects which have been shown to be legal, ethical and in the public interest. This is being delivered within the Data Linkage Framework which required the establishment of the NRS Indexing Team. This collaboration is part of the Scottish Informatics and Linkage Collaboration (SILC).

Beyond 2011 (The Future of Census Statistics)

Beyond 2011 - The programme aims to investigate a range of alternative solutions to the traditional census. The pages within this section give further information on the Background to Beyond 2011, what the options are for the future, the consultations and events taken place and all reports and newsletters produced to date.