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Beyond 2011 - Across the UK

Beyond 2011 - Across the UK


Our census is the responsibility of the Registrar General for Scotland, who leads National Records of Scotland (NRS).

In September 2011 the Beyond 2011 project was set up in Scotland to investigate alternative (to the traditional census) methods for delivering population and socio-demographic statistics in Scotland.

England and Wales

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) is leading on the Beyond 2011 Programme for England and Wales. They are assessing options for possible approaches and planning a full programme of user and stakeholder engagement to support the Beyond 2011 Programme. The programme will provide a costed recommendation on the way forward in 2014. 
Further information is available in the Beyond 2011 section of the ONS website, or you can contact them by email at [email protected].

The Welsh Government is working closely with ONS to review the options, ensuring that Welsh interests and needs are properly reflected in any proposed way forward. The Welsh Government Census statisticians can be contacted at: [email protected]

Northern Ireland

Similarly to Scotland, the census in Northern Ireland is the responsibility of the Registrar General for Northern Ireland. A detailed review of the 2011 Census in Northern Ireland will begin after the initial census results are published. This will include looking at options for the future provision of socio-demographic statistics in Northern Ireland. Any proposals will be subject to consultation.
Further information is available on the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) website, or if you wish to register your interest, please email [email protected].