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2001 Census

2001 Census

Bulk Delivery

We recognise that some users want all of the Census tables either for particular areas or for all areas in a non-proprietary format. These are available as follows.

  • Scotlands Census website has a facility which enables users to download all of the tables for a particular area level. Files are compressed to reduce the download time and are in CSV format. Each is accompanied by an index file detailing the contents.

    For users who wish to receive all the data for all the lowest level geography for which a data set is available, National Records of Scotland (NRS) Customer Services - Statistics provides a bulk delivery service. Files are generated in CSV format for each of the statistical outputs/datasets for the lowest level for which that data is available (e.g. Key Statistics at Output Area or Standard Tables (ST) for ST Wards etc.).

  • The supply of tables has been divided into council areas from the Key Statistics, Univariate, Census Area Statistics (CAS) and Standard Table datasets. Any requirements for subsets/extensions of the information available will be considered.

For further information please contact NRS Customer Services - Statistics using our Contact us page.