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2001 Census

2001 Census

Tenure and Living Rent Free Tables

It is possible that form-fillers on housing benefit may have ticked 'living rent free' in response to the census question on 'owns/rents'. Households recorded as living rent free are not analysed by type of landlord in the main tenure tables in the Area Statistics. Users who wish to count these households by landlord and, possibly, make adjustments to the main tenure tables can do so using supplementary tables UV91, UV92, T54 & T55.

Tables UV91, UV92, T54 & T55 are available on the Standard Outputs section of the Scotland's Census website.

All Tables in PDF Format.

UV91 - Supplementary Univariate Table on Living Rent Free (64kb)
UV92 - Supplementary Univariate Table on Households Living Rent Free (63kb)

Univariate Tables - Complete document (942kb)

T54 - Supplementary Theme Table on People Living Rent Free (36kb)
T55 - Supplementary Theme Table on Households Living Rent Free (33kb)

Theme Tables - Complete document (454kb)

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Tables T54 & T55 are only available on Scotland's Census website at Scotland, council area and health board area levels.To obtain these tables down to Standard Sector/Ward, please contact our Statistics Customer Services ([email protected]).

The Scottish Government used the tables on living rent free to construct tables with classifications of tenure revised from those included in our tables on tenure.