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2022 Census

2022 Census

Planning has begun for Scotland’s Census 2022, and will build on the success of the census in 2011. It will be designed and managed in Scotland, to best meet the needs of its users. It will be conducted primarily online, while offering support and alternative routes of completion where required. It will aim to make best use of technology, digital services and other existing data to support the census process.

Please visit the Scotland's Census for more information on the plans for the 2022 Census.

Prior to the decision to begin planning for the 2022 Census the Beyond 2011 programme was established. For more information visit the Background section of this website. For information on all research carried out visit the Research section of this website. The Beyond 2011 programme was closed following the announcement on the 27 March 2014 that the National Records of Scotland intends to focus on planning for a census in 2022.