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Revisions and Corrections

Revisions and Corrections

Our geography outputs are sometimes subject to revisions or corrections.

Revisions are generally planned, although there can be occasions when they are unplanned, and are the result of either improvements in our spatial data or look-ups.

Corrections are unplanned and occur when errors in either the spatial data or look-ups are found after release of the data.

Any of our geographical outputs that have been revised or corrected will be highlighted on this page. 

NRS Postcode Extract

22 May 2014

2014-1 Postcode Extract Files
For the 2014/1 extract we added the 2014 Health Board area codes retrospectively to the database which has caused a slight mismatch between the Council and Health Board relationship on a small number of the records. This file contains a list of the deleted small user postcodes that were affected.

10 April 2014

Postcode Index 2014-1 Scotland
Revision to the Postcode Index for both small and large user tables. We have updated the Index to include assignments to the new 2014 Health Board areas which came into effect on 1 April 2014.

Geography Metadata 2014-1
The Geography Metadata has been updated to include a look-up file for the new 2014 Health Board areas.

7 December 2012

Postcode Index 2012-2 Scotland
Revision to the Postcode Index for both small and large user tables. The issue affected deleted codes only, some were missing from the extract and some had incorrect grid references.



Settlement and Localities Datasets

9 August 2012

2010 Settlements and Localities boundaries
Removal of population estimates within the attributes of the shapefiles as they were found to be inconsistent with the published population estimates in the Mid-2010 Population Estimates for Settlements and Localities in Scotland excel files.

30 August 2012

2010 Settlements and Localities boundaries
Correction of 2010 locality boundaries for 19 localities (Aboyne, Bridge of Earn, Dornoch, Dunblane, Fenwick, Findhorn, Garelochhead, Inverness, Killearn, Kilmarnock, Kirkcaldy and Dysart, Muirkirk, Newtonmore, Peebles, Perth, Peterculter, Saltcoats, Strathpeffer and Thankerton).



Other National Records of Scotland Geographies Datasets

15 August 2016

An anomaly was discovered in the 2011 Island Groups boundaries where the boundaries for some of the island groups were not including the mainland part of the island group.

25 September 2013

Islands boundaries and look-ups
There was a typographic error in the spelling of Eriskay.

Census Datasets
For details please refer to the relevant Census Revisions and Corrections page