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2011 Supporting Information

2011 Supporting Information

The revisions and corrections to the 2011 Census Supporting Information can be found below.

7 October 2013

Due to the revisions and corrections of the 2011 boundaries the following documents have been updated:
Background Information on 2011 Census Geographies
Non-contiguous Output Areas
Output Areas – Part Removed

25 September 2013

There was a typographic error in the spelling of Eriskay.

19 September 2013

Revision to 2011 boundaries and index due to an anomaly in the 2011 Census Output Area (OA) codes published on 15 August 2013 and removed the datasets from the NRS/GROS website (on 27 August). The anomaly meant that whilst all 2011 Census OA codes were unique, they did not always run in sequential order by council area. This caused users additional work and we decided to replace the current set of 2011 OA codes with new ones that would run sequentially within each council area.