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Electorate Figures for 1996 to 2001

Electorate Figures for 1996 to 2001

The following tables give the numbers of local government and parliamentary electors listed on the electoral registers. The 2001 register came into effect on 16 February 2001. Corresponding information from the 1996 to 2000 electoral registers is also given.

Note: The tables below have been made available as Excel spreadsheet files, Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) and Comma Separated Value (CSV) format. When opening the spreadsheet files your browser, depending on how it's been configured, will prompt to either open the file or save it to disk. Maximum file size is 27 Kb.

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i. The totals for Scotland differ as certain categories of people (e.g. peers, overseas voters, European Union citizens) are eligible to vote in parliamentary elections but not local elections or vice versa.

ii. The parliamentary constituencies listed are those that came into effect for the 1997 general election.

iii. The figures include 'attainers' - persons who attain the age of 18 during the currency of the register, and who are entitled to vote at an election on or after his or her eighteenth birthday.

Table 1

Total number of electoral registrations by Electorate, February 1996-Feburary

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Table 2

Local Government electors by council area, Scotland, 1996-2001

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Table 3

UK Parliament electors by Parliamentary Constituency Scotland 1996 - 2001

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