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2001 Census results

2001 Census results

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The resident population of Scotland on Census Day (29 April 2001) was 5,062,011, of which 52 per cent were female and 48 per cent were male. Children aged 15 and under accounted for 19 per cent of the population, people of working age (16-59F/64M) accounted for 62 per cent, and people of retirement age (60F/65M +) accounted for the remaining 19 per cent.

The Census Day population in the United Kingdom was 58.8 million. Of this, 83.6 per cent were resident in England, 8.6 per cent in Scotland, 4.9 per cent in Wales and 2.9 per cent in Northern Ireland. More information on the census results in England & Wales can be found in the Office for National Statistics publication 'Census 2001 First Results on Population for England and Wales' or on their website; and information on the Northern Irish Census results can be found in the publication 'Northern Ireland Census 2001 Population Report and Mid-Year Estimates' published by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency or from their website.

More detail on the Census Day resident population broken down by single year of age and sex for Scotland can be found in Table 1, while Table 2 gives counts by five-year age group and sex for each council area. As this publication also presents population figures for mid-2001, discussion of the figures by area is covered in the section on the 2001 mid-year estimates.

The census results have been adjusted to take account of estimated undercoverage in the census based on the One Number Census methodology, which used the results of the Census Coverage Survey (go to Appendix 1 for more detail on the One Number Census). As a result of the adjustments for under-enumeration and changes to the definition of the resident population, it is not appropriate to compare directly the results from the 2001 Census with earlier censuses (go to Appendix 1 for more information on comparability with the 1991 Census).

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