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Notes and Definitions

Notes and Definitions

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Population covered

The coverage of the population in an area is the same for the 2001 Census and the mid-year population estimates. It includes all those usually resident there whatever their nationality. Students are treated as being resident at their term-time address. Members of HM and non-UK armed forces stationed in Scotland are included; HM forces stationed outside Scotland are excluded.


Population counts in the Census tables (Table 1 and 2) relate to age last birthday as at Census Day, 29 April 2001. Mid-year population estimates relate to 30 June of the year shown and ages relate to age last birthday at that date.

Presentation of the results

Although the populations are tabulated in units, this does not imply accuracy to that level. The data are presented in units for the convenience of users wishing to compile non-standard aggregations without encountering rounding problems.

Land area

The land areas used to calculate the population density information presented in Table 7 were Standard Area Measurements as supplied by Ordnance Survey.

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