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2001 Data Zone based Special Area Population Estimates

2001 Data Zone based Special Area Population Estimates


Population estimates for various special areas can be accessed using the links below. Estimates for the special areas (except Settlements and Localities) are built up using the data zone level small area population estimates. Data zones do not always fit exactly into the boundaries of other geographical areas, so they are allocated on a best-fit basis. An evaluation of non-standard geography population estimates has been carried out to assess special area population estimates built up in this way.

Mid-year population estimates - age distribution errors - 1 October 2015

We have recently become aware of errors mainly affecting the age distribution of the mid-year population estimates for 2002 to 2014. This is because of an issue with an input data set used in the calculation of the mid-year estimates, as well as minor unrelated processing errors. Full details of the errors can be found in the Population section of this website.

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