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1999 Occasional Paper

1999 Occasional Paper

Published on 30 March 2001
1999 Small Area Population Estimates Scotland
Garnett Compton

This paper outlines a methodology and describes a set of population estimates, consistent with the Registrar General's 1999 mid-year population estimates, by gender and five-year age group for postcode sectors.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Deriving Small Area Population Estimates
  4. About the Dataset
  5. Health Warning - Uses and Limitations
  6. Feedback and Further Information
  7. Acknowledgements
    Annex A - Glossary
    Annex B - Conditions of Use
    Annex C - Filters for Defining 'Currently Registered' Population
    Annex D - Health Board Council Area Geography Codelists
  8. Quick Guide to using SuperTable

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