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About the Dataset

About the Dataset

This dataset delivers a set of small area population estimates for Scotland that are consistent with the Registrar General's 1999 Mid-Year Estimates (MYE). The estimates are provided with SuperTABLE software to enable quick tabulation and manipulation of the dataset. The software, SuperTABLE, is the software procured for the tabulation of the 2001 Census Output. The dissemination of the dataset in this manner is an initial prototype for future census output to let users become familiar with the software and for National Records of Scotland to get a feel for any difficulties that users may have with the software. Feedback on the software should be forwarded to the address in the Feedback and Further Information section of this paper.

The minimum PC requirements for installing and running the SuperTABLE software are outlined at the start of the Chapter on Installation in the SuperTABLE reference guide. Table 2 provides a description of the files associated with the 1999 small area population estimates, and links for downloading the files. The information is also available on CD from customer services. If there are any difficulties with the installation or use of the material please contact our Statistics Customer Services on 0131 314 4299.
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Table 2 Files associated with the 1999 small area population estimates



Download SuperTABLE An executable file, which will take you through a number of steps to help you install the SuperTABLE software, the tabulation software needed to analyse the data. Towards the end of the installation process there is the option of installing ADOBE ACROBAT, which is useful for reading the user manual and other PDF files.
SuperCUBE This is the SuperCUBE where the actual data is stored. This is the file that will be accessed via SuperTABLE for the small area population estimates.
Sample Table A sample table presenting the estimated population by sex quinary age group and council area as at 30 June 1999. This table has been created from the SuperCUBE for the small area population estimates.
SuperTABLE User Guide A user guide for the SuperTABLE software. It provides guidance on the various features of the software. The two sections with the most immediate relevance are the section on installation of SuperTABLE and the section on creating tables.
Quick Guide to using SuperTABLE A brief explanation of how to install the SuperTABLE software and a set of instructions to help users perform the basic steps within SuperTABLE. It covers basic table construction, amalgamation of variable values and exporting results for use in other packages.


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