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Annex A - Glossary

Annex A - Glossary

Resident population - The estimated population of an area includes all those usually resident there whatever their nationality. Students are treated as being resident at their term-time address. Members of HM and non-UK armed forces stationed in Scotland are included; HM forces stationed outside Scotland are excluded.

Community Health Index (CHI) - An index of patients who have registered with a GP for use in facilitating payments to GPs and transferring a patient's Medical Record Envelopes when a patient registered with a new GP.

Currently Registered population Patients who are currently registered with a GP for which the GP receives regular payment.

Armed Forces population - A member of HM Armed Forces stationed in Scotland, excluding dependants; or a member of a non-UK Armed Forces stationed in Scotland, including dependants.

List inflation - List inflation is the term used to describe the greater number of currently registered patients on the CHI than is thought to be in the resident population as estimated by the National Records of Scotland MYE. The main examples of list inflation are people who have died and not been recorded as deceased on the CHI, people who have left the UK and remain registered on the CHI and people who are registered in more than one area in Scotland.

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