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Annex C - Filters for Defining 'Currently Registered' Population

Annex C - Filters for Defining 'Currently Registered' Population



1 Exclude all records with a deletion indicator 


The deletion indicator refers to records that have been deleted because they have been entered onto the database in error. The records are not completely deleted but archived and are inaccessible to most users. Approximately 8,000 out of the nine million records have such a deletion indicator.

2 Exclude all records without a GP Practice code Records without a GP practice code are considered not to be registered with a GP. For example, some hospitals may enter patients on the Community Health Index (CHI) for local administrative purposes but they are not registered with a GP and are therefore excluded from the 'currently registered' population.
3 Exclude all records where the date of transfer out is not blank Excludes those records, which are recorded as transferring off a GP list. A patient is transferred off a GP list for a number of reasons, such as migration out of the area or joining the Armed Forces.
4 Exclude all records where the date of death is not blank Excludes patients who died before 1 July 1999.

5 Exclude all records where the UPI status is not blank or a 'C'

Excludes all of a patient's previous records. For instance when a patient registers with a new GP in another area, a new record is created and this indicator will identify the current record as 'live' and the previous record as 'historical'.


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