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List of Tables

List of Tables

The tables below provide mid-2008 population estimates for data zones. Table 1 gives the total population of each data zone by quinary age group for persons, males and females.

The tables have been made available as Excel spreadsheets and can be viewed in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

When opening the spreadsheet files your browser, depending on how it's been configured, will prompt to either open the file or save it to disk.
Maximum file size is 1.6 Mb.

Note 1: Table 1 is mainly offered for the purposes of extracting figures. Due to the size of the files it is not recommended for printing.

Note 2: If you cannot download the files in the tables below, please contact our Statistics Customer Services using our Contact us page and request a disk with the full file.

Table 1

Estimated population by sex, five year age group and data zone area: 30 June 2008


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Table 2

Data Zone Population Change Summary
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