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Population Projections for Scottish Areas (2012-based)

Population Projections for Scottish Areas (2012-based)


Population Projections for Scottish Areas (2012-based) - Population projections by sex, age and administrative area


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14 May 2014

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First published: 14 May 2014

First Correction: 30 July 2014

A correction has been made to the sub-national high migration population variant projection. This correction has not had any impact on the high migration projection at the Scotland level. There has also been no impact on the principal population projection or any of the other variant projections either at the Scotland or sub-national level.

An error was found in the age sex distribution used for assumed migrants in the sub national high migration population projection. The impact of the error on the projected population totals for most areas becomes larger as the population is projected away from the base year. The largest percentage correction due to the error is less than 0.3 per cent by 2037 and is for Orkney Council area. There has also been an impact on the projected age-sex distribution of the high migration projected populations from 2013-2037 for each Council area and NHS Board area (both April 2014 and 2006 boundaries). The corrected detailed tables for the high migration variant can be found in the detailed tables section of the population projections section on the National Records of Scotland website. Tables showing the impact of this correction for the projected population totals and age sex-distributions for Council areas and NHS Board areas are available in the detailed tables section of the web. We have also corrected Table 6 in the main publication, no corrections were necessary to the text of the publication.

Second Correction: 27 January 2015

List of Detailed Tables (Council areas and April 2014 NHS Board areas)

Corrections have been made to the headings of the male tables within the spreadsheets for NHS Board areas by sex and single year of age, by NHS Board area for the principal projections, and all variants except for the low fertility variant. The spreadsheets showing the impact of the corrections of the 30 July 2014 upon the high migration variant have also been affected.

These corrections do not effect the contents of the table and are purely a labeling issue. 

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List of Detailed Tables (Council and April 2014 NHS Board areas)

List of Detailed Tables (2006 NHS Board areas)

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