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Boys' names

Boys' names

For the fourth year in a row Jack was the favourite name for boys (Table 1). In fact the top five boys' names in 2002 remained in the same position as they were in 2001. Lewis, in second place, has also held that position since 1999.

Liam and Matthew have both moved into the top ten (7th and 8th place respectively), while Kyle (up 8 places to 12th), Ben (up 9 places to 13th), Nathan (up 8 places to 20th), Joshua (up 7 places to 23rd), Aaron (up 10 places to 27th) and Josh (up 14 places to 28th) have moved significantly up the table.

Longstanding favourites such as Andrew (down 10 places to 17th) David (down 8 places to 25th) and John (down 7 places to 31st), have dropped significantly, and other major drops in popularity have been Jordan (down 15 places to 34th) and Craig (down 14 places to 40th ).

Names dropping out of the top hundred are Greg, Martin, Alistair, Nicholas and Anthony.

The biggest jump in placings has been Charlie (up 31 places to 78th), which also figures in the girls' top 100.

By mid-December 2002, more than 24,500 boys' names had been registered, with nearly 2,000 different first names being used. The top 50 names accounted for just over 60% of the total and nearly 1250 boys were given unique (for 2002) first names.

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