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Boys' names

Boys' names

After four years in a row as number one, Jack has been replaced by Lewis as the most popular boys' name for new babies (Table 1). A new entrant to the top five is Kyle (up 6 places to 5th), whilst Ben (up 6 places to 7th), has maintained last year's steady progress up the chart. Other significant advances made in the top 50 are Logan (up 16 places to 30th), Ethan (up 12 places to 35th) and Owen (up 9 places to 46th).

There have been notable reductions in popularity for Liam (down 7 places to 14th), Ross (down 6 places to 15th), Scott (down 8 places to 26th) and Euan (down 7 places to 36th). Ewan (down 11 places to 47th) and Jordan (down 14 places to 48th) have also dropped significantly.

Names dropping out of the top 100 are Gary, Charles, Joe, Finn and Bradley. The biggest jump in placings has been Evan (up 28 places to 83rd).

By mid-December 2003, nearly 25,000 boys' names had been registered, with just over 2,100 different first names being used. The top 50 names accounted for nearly 57 per cent of the total. Over 1300 boys were given unique (for 2003) first names.

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