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Girls' names

Girls' names

Scotland also has a new favourite amongst girls' names with Emma replacing Chloe, which held the top spot for the previous five years (Table 2). The top seven names are the same as in 2002, but there have been significant changes in their order. Emma has moved from 3rd to 1st place, Ellie has jumped from 6th to 2nd, and Chloe has dropped to 5th. Other significant changes in the top 50 are: Aimee (up 11 places to 18th), Niamh (up 14 places to 19th), Mia (up 20 places to 26th), Molly (up 16 places to 28th), Isla (up 13 places to 40th), Jenna (up 16 places to 44th) and Grace (up 13 places to 44th). Orla (up 45 places to 78th), Daisy (up 50 places to 81st) and Sinead (up 72 places to 89th), have made strong advances into the lower reaches of the top 100.

The major fallers in the top 50 were Nicole (down 18 places to 35th) and Zoe (down 11 places to 37th). Samantha (down 18 places to 65th), Stephanie (down 16 places to 68th), Jade (down 51 places to 87th), Hayley (down 17 places to 81st) and Claire (down 19 places to 89th) were also notably less popular in 2003.

Lisa, Alice, Nicola and Hollie have all dropped out of the top 100, along with other previously popular names such as Fiona, Catriona and Eleanor.

By mid-December 2003, just under 23,700 girls had been registered, with nearly 3,200 different names being used. The top 50 girls' names accounted for 47 per cent of the registrations, and just over 2,000 girls in Scotland were given unique (for 2003) names.

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