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Popular Forenames – Babies' First Names 2008

Popular Forenames – Babies' First Names 2008

Girls Names - Commentary

For the fourth year, Sophie is the most popular girls’ name for new babies. Emily climbs five places to second place whilst Olivia climbs seven places to third. There are two new entrants to the top ten – Ava (up 7 places to 7th) and Hannah (up 1 place to 10th). There are three new entrants in the top twenty - Leah (up 34 places to 18th), Freya (up 11 places to 19th) and Holly (up 8 places to 20th).

Summer (up 21 places to 32nd), Amber (up 12 places to joint 49th) and Zara (up 7 places to 49th) are new entrants in the top 50 whilst Lily (up 13 places to 23rd), Sarah (up 8 places to 24th), Millie (up 7 places to 30th) also make significant advances.

Orla (up 22 places to 61st) Mya (up 16 places to 62nd), Bethany (up 14 places to 64th) and Libby (up 20 places to 79th) are among the climbers within the top 100 whilst Rosie (up 35 places to 69th), Lexi (up 107 places to 74th), Amelie (up 33 places to 77th), Lara (up 18 places to joint 86th) and Nieve (up 130 places to 86th) are among the new entrants. Maisie (up 37 places to 82nd), Cerys (up 51 places to 60th) and  Alisha (up 26 places to 95th) also make significant advances after dropping out of the top 100 last year. 

Fallers within the top 50 were Megan (down 11 places to 31st) and Eilidh (down 13 places to 34th). Further down the top 100 Jennifer (down 18 places to 85th), Carly (down 20 places to 89th) Jenna (down 40 places to 90th) and Kayleigh (down 48 places to 98th) were also less popular than last year.

Alice, Elise, Shannon, Jasmine, Kaitlyn, Hayley, Laura, Natalie, Casey, Courtney, Layla, Rachael, Chelsea and Charley have all dropped out of the top 100. 

By the end of November 2008, nearly 27,200 girls had been registered, with over 4,000 different names being used. The top 50 girls' names accounted for 43 per cent of the registrations, and nearly 2,600 girls in Scotland were given unique (for 2008) first names.

full list of first forenames given, Scotland, 2008 may be downloaded from our website.

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