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Popular Forenames – Babies' First Names 2008

Popular Forenames – Babies' First Names 2008

Main Points

The key points in this publication are:

  • After dropping to second place last year, Jack has returned to number one, replacing Lewis as the most popular boys’ name for new babies. Lewis falls to second place whilst Daniel climbs four places to third. 
  • For the fourth year, Sophie is the most popular girls’ name for new babies. Emily climbs five places to second place whilst Olivia climbs seven places to third.
  • The top 50 boys’ names accounted for 47 per cent of all boys’ names registered and the top 50 girls' names accounted for 43 per cent of the registrations.
  • Around 2,900 different boys’ names and 4,000 different girls’ names were registered.

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