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Popular Forenames – Babies' First Names 2008

Popular Forenames – Babies' First Names 2008


  • All births have, by law, to be registered, and the records sent in by local registrars to the National Records of Scotland. This allows the production of tables showing the most popular first forenames, not just for a section of the population or those announced in a particular newspaper, but for all new babies born in Scotland.
  • All of the information for 2008 contained in these tables is provisional. It is based on most births registered up to the end of November 2008. The information for 2007 contained in this paper is for the full year, and therefore varies from that contained in last year's paper.
  • The rankings were based on the first forename recorded on the birth register.
  • Different spellings, e.g. Stephen, Steven, were counted separately.
  • Accents were ignored.

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