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Babies' First Names 2009

Babies' First Names 2009

Boys' Names - Commentary

Jack has stayed in first place as the most popular boys’ name for new babies. Lewis keeps second place whilst James climbs two places to third. Aaron is the only new entrant to the top 10 (up 7 places to 7th). There are two new entrants to the top 20 – Lucas, (up 19 places to 16th) and Nathan (up 6 places to 20th). Between them, Jack and Lewis have been the top two boys’ names for the past eleven consecutive years. Jack has been number one (with Lewis second) in seven of those years, with Lewis top (and Jack second) for the other four.

Owen (up 26 places to 32nd), Joseph (up 14 places to 37th), Tyler (up 13 places to 41st), Rory (up 14 places to 43rd), Kai (up 10 places to 45th), Sam (up 11 places to 48th) and Archie (up 6 places to 50th) are new entrants in the top 50. Other names making significant advances in the top 50 include Ethan (up 9 places to 22nd), William (up 9 places to 34th) and Ross (up 8 places to 41st). Lower down the top 100, Leo (up 22 places to 58th), Caleb (up 18 places to 69th), Kenzie (up 21 places to 72nd) Mason (up 18 places to 73rd) and also make advances. New names reaching the top 100 include Harvey (up 20 places to 82nd), and Hamish and Calvin (up 16 and 13 places respectively to joint 97th). Gregor (up 10 places to 92nd) has re-entered the top 100 after falling to 102nd last year. 

There have been reductions in popularity for Kieran (down 21 places to 68th), Taylor (down 21 places to 89th) and Brandon (down 22 places to 90th) and Declan (down 33 places to 99th). Names dropping out of the top 100 are Hayden, Lee, Louis, Luca and Peter.

By the end of November 2009, around 27,800 boys had been registered, with almost 3,000 different first names being used. The top 50 names accounted for 47 per cent of the total. Over 1,900 boys were given unique (for 2009) first names.

A full list of all first names registered in 2009 may be downloaded from the List of Detailed Tables page on this website.

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