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Vital Events Reference Table 2006

Vital Events Reference Table 2006

Section 7: Marriages

The tables in this section cover all marriages which were registered as having taken place in Scotland regardless of the usual residence of the parties involved. Just over 27 per cent of the marriages registered in 2005 neither the bride nor the groom was resident in Scotland and almost half of these took place at Gretna. For some demographic purposes users might wish to limit analyses to specific categories of residents. Further details of available information may be obtained from the Statistics Customer Services (e-mail: [email protected]). Conversely, a number of couples who are resident in Scotland now go abroad to be married. These marriages are not included in this chapter, and only some come to the attention of the Registrar General through notification to British Consular authorities.

By the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1939, which came into operation on 1 July 1940, civil marriages were introduced and irregular marriages, other than marriages by cohabitation with habit and repute, were abolished. Although two of the three types of irregular marriage were abolished in 1940 all three types of irregular marriage can be established by Decree of Declarator of the Court of Session. The irregular marriages shown in Table 7.6 are those established by Decree of Declarator of the Court of Session in the years shown although the events took place earlier.

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Marriages, by sex and age, Scotland, 1946 to 2006
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Marriage rates, by sex, age and marital status, Scotland, 1995 to 2006
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Marriages, mean age at marriage, by sex and marital status, Scotland, 1855 to 2006
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Marriages, percentages by marital status of persons marrying, Scotland, 1855 to 2006
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Marriages of divorced persons, numbers and percentages, Scotland, 1946 to 2006
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Marriages, numbers and percentages, by method of celebration, Scotland, 1946 to 2006
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Marriages, by denomination, Scotland, 2006
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Marriages, by country of birth of husband and country of birth of wife, Scotland, 2006
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