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Vital Events Reference Tables 2018

Vital Events Reference Tables 2018


26 June 2019

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These tables give the numbers of Vital Events for 2018. They provide the same kinds of information as was contained in the pre-2001 Registrar General's Annual Reviews (available on this website), plus additional details that have been added in recent years. The tables are grouped into seven sections: Summary; Adoptions and re-registrations; Births; Stillbirths and infant deaths; Deaths; Deaths by cause; and Marriages and Civil Partnerships. In almost all cases, the tables give the numbers of vital events which were registered in Scotland in the calendar year. Some tables also provide figures for earlier years, and/or annual averages for 5-year periods. Most of the figures are for Scotland as a whole, but some tables provide statistics for each Local Authority and each NHS Board area.

There are no figures for Divorces and Dissolutions of Civil Partnerships in these Reference Tables, because the Scottish Government is now the only publisher of new statistics of Divorces and Dissolutions for Scotland. More information about the publication of such statistics is available within the Vital Events Divorces and Dissolutions section of this website.

Almost all the tables which contain population-based rates (e.g. birth rates, fertility rates and death rates) for earlier years were replaced on 19 February 2014 by versions giving revised rates for the years from 2002 to 2011 which were calculated using the 'rebased' mid-year population estimates. More information about this is available from the Births and Deaths Rates: breaks in series circa 2011 section on this website.


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