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Divorces and Dissolutions

Divorces and Dissolutions

Please note: the Scottish Government (SG) is now the only publisher of new statistics of Divorces and Dissolutions of Civil Partnerships for Scotland. National Records of Scotland (NRS) no longer publishes any new figures for Divorces or Dissolutions: such statistics will be made available from the Crime and Justice section of the SG website, along with any revisions to the figures which SG has published for the financial years back to 2000-01. 

SG expects to make available on its website the total numbers of Divorces and Dissolutions for some calendar years. For example, SG expects to publish figures for the 2012 calendar year towards the end of 2013, in conjunction with its publication of the edition of 'Civil Law Statistics in Scotland' that will provide figures for the 2012-13 financial year. 

The pages within this section provide, purely for the record, information which is specifically about the statistics of Divorces and Dissolutions that were published by NRS. Please note that there will be no revision to the figures that appear on the NRS website: they will remain as they were published by NRS at the time, even if SG revises the figures on its website for 2011 or earlier calendar years. 

SG Justice Analytical Services became the main publisher of statistics on Divorces and Dissolutions in Scotland, with effect from the figures for April 2009 onwards. Therefore, NRS/GROS published far fewer statistics on Divorces and Dissolutions for 2009 onwards than for previous years. More detailed statistics on Divorces and Dissolutions for the 2009-10 financial year onwards can be found in the Scottish Government's publications, which are available via the link which appears above.

Note: there may be slight differences between the figures for some years that are published by SG and by NRS, for reasons given in a note on the Coverage of the Divorce Statistics, which is available via the following sections of our website.

Divorces and Dissolutions - Background Information

Statistics for other parts of the United Kingdom (UK)

Further information for the rest of the UK can be found via the following website links:

England & Wales

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Northern Ireland

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(UK-wide ONS Publication includes figures for NI)


Figures for England & Wales and/or Northern Ireland may not always be on exactly the same basis as NRS's figures for Scotland: there can be differences in the coverage of what at first sight appear to be the same statistics.

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