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Infographics and Visualisations

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The infographics are available as Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). The interactive data visualisations are on external websites. The data behind most visualisations is found in the Excel and Comma Separated Value (CSV) View Source table files. The max file size is 5 MB.

Deaths involving coronavirus (COVID-19) in Scotland

Deaths from specific causes, 2019

Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2018 logo View infographic summary
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Drug-related Deaths in Scotland in 2018

Homeless Deaths 2017 and 2018

 Winter Mortality in Scotland 2019/20

Scotland's Population 2019 - The Registrar General's Annual Review of Demographic Trends

Baby names, Scotland, 2019

Population estimates, Scotland, 2019

Population estimates for settlements and localities, Scotland, 2016

Population estimates for small areas, Scotland, 2019

Population estimates by country of birth and nationality, Scotland, 2019

 Population estimates for Scottish Centenarians 2009-2019

Population projections for Scotland (2018-based)

Population projections for Scottish Areas (2018-based)

Life expectancy for Scotland, 2017-19

Healthy Life expectancy for Scottish Areas, 2015-17 

Moves between Scottish council areas, 2019

Local Area Migration, 2019

Household estimates, Scotland, 2019

Small Area Statistics on Households and Dwellings

Household projections, Scotland, 2018

Electoral Statistics, Scotland, 2019

Birth, Deaths and Other Vital Events - 2nd Quarter 2020

Vital Events Reference Tables - 2019

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