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List of Figures and Background Data - Chapter 2

List of Figures and Background Data - Chapter 2

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Annual Review 2007 all Chapter 2 figures

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Annual Review 2007 background data for all Chapter 2 figures

Figure 2.1

Sex ratio at birth, Scotland, 1855-2007

Figure 2.2

Multiple births, number and percentage of maternities, Scotland, 1855-2005

Figure 2.3

Percentage of children born to unmarried parents, Scotland, 1855-2007

Figure 2.4

Percentage of births by marital status and type of registration, Scotland, 1977-2007

Figure 2.5

Percentage of births by age group, by socio-economic class, Scotland, 2007

Figure 2.6

Average age of mother, by socio-economic class, Scotland, 1992-2007

Figure 2.7

Live births per 1,000 women age 15-44, by Council area, 2007


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