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List of Figures and Background Data - Chapter 3

List of Figures and Background Data - Chapter 3

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Annual Review 2007 all chapter 3 figures

Background data for all figures

Annual Review 2007 background data for all chapter 3 figures

Figure 3.1

Total fertility rate, Scotland and EU-15, 2006

Figure 3.2

Total fertility rate in Scotland and England, 1971-2007

Figure 3.3

Expected fertility by age group: Scotland and England 1994-98 and 2001-05

Figure 3.4

Distribution of ideal family size by gender and percieved quality of local area for bringing up children

Figure 3.5

Percentage agreeing that "work progress would suffer if i had a(nother) child"

Figure 3.6

Percentage of people who agreed that "it is difficult for both parents to work if they have more than two children"

Figure 3.7

Ideal family size for (a) those without children and (b) those with at least one child


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