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Sub-Scotland Data Sources

Sub-Scotland Data Sources

Last Updated: 2 September 2016

The National Records of Scotland (NRS), publishes statistics at a number of different geography levels. Although some statistics are only available at Scotland level, many are available at sub-Scotland geographies (for example, council area or NHS Board).

Our table on Data Available at Sub-Scotland Geography Levels (35 Kb Excel file) provides a breakdown, by geography level, of data available in current NRS web publications. Links are given to publications where the data, and relevant notes and definitions, can be found.

Please note this table focuses on data in current publications, although NRS has produced a considerable number of statistical publications in the past.

For example, we hold data collected in previous Scottish Censuses, including data from the 2001 Census available on the Scotland's Census website.

If you are unable to view the file in this format, or have problems finding the statistics you require, please contact our Statistics Customer Services if you need any further information.
E-mail: [email protected]

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