Time Series Datasets

Time Series Datasets

This page contains datasets in Excel format. This data will be particularly useful for users who would like the same data for a series of different years (e.g the total population in each local authority area for the years 1996 - 2006), rather than just for one year. Time series datasets are available for the following topics.

Population Estimates Time Series Data (Last Updated: 28 April 2016)

Population Pyramids of Scotland (Last Updated: 28 April 2016)

Migration (Last Updated: 20 July 2016)

Births Time Series Data (Last Updated: 10 August 2016)

Deaths Time Series Data (Last Updated: 10 August 2016)

Marriages and Civil Partnerships Time Series Data (Last Updated: 10 August 2016)

Divorces Time Series Data (Last Updated: 14 March 2013)

Centenarians in Scotland (Last Updated: 30 September 2015)

Sub-national Population Estimates for Ages 90 and Over (Last Updated: 30 September 2015)

Life Expectancy for Administrative Areas within Scotland 2000-2002 to latest (Last Updated: 13 October 2015)



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