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Improving Population and Household Statistics

Improving Population and Household Statistics

The Role of Government, Academia and Local Partners - 31 October 2008

Population and household statistics are currently under the microscope and both central and local government are working to improve their relevance, accuracy and timeliness so that they are fit for purpose for the 21st Century. This is particularly important following the introduction of the Scottish Government’s target to match average European (EU15) population growth over the period from 2007 to 2017.

This meeting brought together a range of speakers to present the latest developments, and to gather views to shape the priorities of the demography division of the National Records of Scotland.

Among the topics covered were:

  • Office for National Statistics Migration Statistics Improvement Programme
  • Migration research within the ESRC Centre for Population Change
  • Development and opportunities in data matching and use of administration sources
  • Benefits of analysis at a local level
  • Capacity building and joint working at a local level


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