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List of Presentations

List of Presentations

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"Very near the Truth": A history of the census in Scotland in 15 minutes

Ian White, Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Scotland's Census 2011

Head of Census Statistics, National Records of Scotland (NRS)

Vital Events Trends

Head of Vital Events, NRS

Rebasing the Mid-year Population Estimates for Scotland

Head of Population & Migration Statistics, NRS

Household Estimates & Projections

Head of Household Estimates & Projections, NRS

Beyond 2011 Programme- the Future of Census Statsitics in Scotland

Head of Data Access & Communications, NRS

Projected Population of Scotland (2012-based)

Statistician, NRS

Understanding Mid Year Estimates in light of the England & Wales Census

Steve Smallwood, ONS

Who is my Neighbour? The Church of Scotland and Scotland's Census

Dr Fiona Tweedie, Church of Scotland

Scotland’s Census Findings from the Quality Assurance

Statistician, NRS

Revising the New European Standard Population

Head of Vital Events, NRS

Census Statistical Disclosure Control - The use of record-swapping to protect data confidentiality

Statistician, NRS

Population Estimates Scotland & Estimating Migration

Statistician, NRS

Administrative Data Liaison Service (ADLS) Scotland

Chris Dibben, St Andrew's University