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Household Analysis Review Group - Meeting 11: 23 February 2006

Household Analysis Review Group - Meeting 11: 23 February 2006

Where: National Records of Scotland (NRS), Room 1/G/9, Ladywell House, Ladywell Road, Edinburgh EH12 7TF

When: 2pm on Thursday 23 February

[Minutes: 23 February 2006]


Item 1


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Item 2

Minutes of last meeting

22 November 2005

Item 3

Population estimates and projections - update from NRS demography branch

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Item 4

Communal Establishments: figures to use in 2004 based household projections

HARG 2006(1)

Item 5

Communal Establishments: method to project the base figures forward

HARG 2006(2)

Item 6

Household projections publication

HARG 2006(3)

Item 7

Any other business

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Item 8

Date of next meeting

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Household estimates and projections