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Household Analysis Review Group Meeting 3: March 5th 2002

Household Analysis Review Group Meeting 3: March 5th 2002



  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
  3. Analysis of Responses received to LA Questionnaire on estimates and projections
    [Paper 2002/1]  [AnnexC] [AnnexD]
    [Annex E, pages 1-6 (Excel    PDF)]
    [Annex E, page 7 (log) (Excel    PDF)]
    [Annex F, pages 1-6 (Excel    PDF)]
    [Annex F, page 7 (log) (Excel    PDF)]
  4. Initial Results from internal SE consultation on estimates and projections (extract from update note dated 12 November 2001)
    [Paper 2002/2]
  5. Timetable for Production of 2000 Estimates and 2000-based household projections, and proposed consultation
    [Paper 2002/3]
  6. Neighbourhood Statistics
    [Paper 2002/4] [Annex1]
  7. Use of the Council Tax Base
    [Paper 2002/5] [Annex2]
  8. Availability of Census Data, including Post Census Vacant Survey results
    [Paper 2002/6]
    [Annex 1, pages 1-4 (Excel    PDF)] 
    [Annex 1, page 5 (Excel    PDF)]
  9. Any other Business
  10. Date of Next Meeting

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