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Household Analysis Review Group Meeting 5: April 17th 2003

Household Analysis Review Group Meeting 5: April 17th 2003



  1. Apologies
  2. Main points agreed from last meeting and matters arising
  3. Identifying user need
    a) Responses of non-local authority users
        [Paper 2003 (item3a)]
    b) Key points from consultations
        [Paper 2003 (item3b)]
  4. Dwelling stock and household estimates
    a) Household estimates and dwelling stock: comparison with Census 2001
        [Paper 2003(1)] [Annex B] [Annex C]
    b) Census definitions and households
    c) Progress report on post-Census vacant follow up survey
    d) Comparing council tax and Census at lower geographical levels
        [Paper 2003(2)]
  5. Household projections
    a) Review of methodology: issues
        [Paper 2003(3)] [Annex]
    b) Outline timetable for a methodological review
  6. Estimates of institutional population
    [Paper 2003(4)]
  7. Development plan: timetable of work for HARG
  8. Any other Business
  9. Date of Next Meeting

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Household Estimates and Projections