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The Population and Migration Statistics Committee (Scotland) - (PAMS)

The Population and Migration Statistics Committee (Scotland) - (PAMS)

Papers of Meeting - November 2020

To view a copy of the agenda, papers and minutes of the meeting of this committee, which was held on June 2020, in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document (PDF), click on the appropriate link below. Maximum file size is 798 KB.

Paper 09 PAMS(20 ) 09

Statistics Engagement and Promotions update

Paper 10 PAMS(20) 10

Population and Migration Statistics update

Paper 11 PAM S(20) 11

Vital Events Statistics update

Paper 12 PAMS(20) 12

Household Estimates and Projections update

Paper 13 PAMS(20) 13

Scotland’s Census 2022 update

Summary of User Feedback