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Official Statistics

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Scotland's Population
An overview of our statistics on the population of Scotland.
Council Area Profiles
All our statistics for your council area in one place.

Infographics and interactive visualisations



Baby Names


Births, Deaths, and Marriages

Collectively these statistics are called vital events and include: births, deaths, marriages, adoptions, stillbirths, and civil partnerships. The reference tables are a good place to start.

Regular data tables
Reference Tables (annual)
Births, Deaths and Other Vital Events (quarterly)
Weekly Births
Weekly Deaths
Monthly Births
Monthly mortality analysis, Scotland

Time series
Marriages and Civil Partnerships

Cause of death
Age-standardised Death Rates
Avoidable mortality
Clostridium Difficile (C.diff)
Dementia and Alzheimer's
Drug Related
Probable Suicides
Volatile Substance Abuse and Helium
Winter Mortality



Estimates (national and sub-national)
Scotland, council, and health board area

Time Series
National and sub-national data from 1855 onwards

Data Zone
Small areas of around 500 to 1,000 people

Electoral Ward

NUTS (Nomenclature of Units for Territorial Statistics)
Territories used to make regional statistics for the EU

Scottish Parliamentary Constituency

UK Parliamentary Constituency

Estimates (other area or sub-group)
Country of Birth and Nationality

SIMD (Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation)

Settlements and Localities
A settlement is a set of adjacent urban postcodes with more than 500 people in total. Bigger settlements are split into localities.

Urban Rural Classification

Very Old (age 90+) and Centenarians



Life Expectancy

Healthy Life Expectancy
Life Expectancy



Migration Statistics Quarterly Summary
An overview of key migration trends in Scotland

Population by country of birth and nationality

To or From Scotland

Within Scotland

Between Scotland and the Rest of the UK

Between Scotland and Overseas

Local Area


Households and Dwellings

Estimates (National and Sub-National)

Estimates (Data Zone)
Small areas of around 500 to 1,000 people.



Electoral Register



Recent Census data (1991 to present day)
Historical Census data



Download geographical directories, digital boundaries and maps.


Data Linkage and Research

NHS Central Register
Request data for medical research.

Scottish Longitudinal Study
Request access to this large-scale linkage study.

Indexing team
Use our indexing services for your data linkage research.

Census data linkage
Access census records in a secure research facility for data linkage projects.



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