Record Keeping

Record Keeping

One of the functions of National Records of Scotland (NRS) is to lead the development of records management and archival practice in Scotland, including records legislation and conservation.


NRS advises on legislation under which bodies holding records and archives must operate, such as the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act, the Data Protection Act, the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations and Public Records (Scotland) Acts. The Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011 places an obligation on named public authorities to prepare and implement a records management plan which sets out proper arrangements for the management of their records. Where authorities fail to meet their obligations under the Act the Keeper of the Records of Scotland has powers to undertake records management reviews and issue action notices for improvement.

Guidance for record holders

NRS provides guidance for those who deposit records with us, including government departments, non-departmental public bodies, courts, legal bodies, the Church of Scotland and private depositors. The guidance covers records in all formats, including electronic. NRS also advises on the care and management of privately held records.


NRS provides information relating to the preservation and conservation of archives and conservation grants.

For more information about all these topics, including related NRS policies, visit the Record Keeping section of the National Archives of Scotland website.