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Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014
Detail of E70/16/1 Account of poll tax, 1693

National Records of Scotland poll tax records from the 1690’s are now available online.

Thursday, 11 Dec 2014
Detail of GD1/616/11 List of army officers who deserted to the Jacobite forces

Unique archives from the National Records of Scotland collections are on display as part of a major exhibition at the National Library of Scotland...

Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014
How much do you know about Scotland's population-image

The National Records of Scotland has published a wide range of statistics about Scotland's population throughout 2014.

Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014
Demography News Release Image

Provisional figures for births, deaths and other vital events registered during the third quarter of 2014 are published today by the National...

Tuesday, 9 Dec 2014
Photo of Duke of Westminster and Coco Chanel

A tattoo artist living in a rented flat in Glasgow, and Britain’s richest man, are two of the 2.1 million entries in the Valuation Rolls for 1925...