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The Most Popular Names in Scotland 2007


Boys’ Names

After dropping to second place last year, Lewis has returned to number one, replacing Jack as the most popular boys’ name for new babies.Jack falls to a very close second place whilst Ryan climbs one place to third. There are two new entrants to the top 20 - Finlay (up 8 places to 13th) and Aiden (up 8 places to 17th).

Christopher (up 11 places to 46th), Kai (up 9 places to 49th) and Jay (up 2 places to 50th) are new entrants in the top 50. Other names making significant advances in the top 50 include Ethan (up 10 places to 29th), Fraser (up 7 places to 38th) and Oliver (up 9 places to 40th). Lower down the top 100, Lucas (up 12 places to 52nd), Evan (up 13 places to 63rd), Alfie (up 21 places to 66th) and George (up 16 places to 80th) also make advances. New names reaching the top 100 include Jayden (up 83 places to 53rd), Zak (up 34 places to 73rd), Alex (up 36 places to 86th) and Caleb (up 38 to 89th). Mohammed (up 34 places to 91st) and Joe (up 10 places to 100th) have re-entered the top 100 after falling to 104th and 110th respectively last year.

There have been reductions in popularity for Scott (down 7 places to 34th), Sean (down 9 places to 42nd), Robert (down 7 places to 48th) and Robbie (down 19 places to 57th). Names dropping out of the top 100 are Brodie, Bailey, Corey, Hamish, Steven, Charles, Peter, Harvey and Patrick.

By early-December 2007, around 27,600 boys had been registered, with over 2,700 different first names being used. The top 50 names accounted for 49 per cent of the total. Over 1700 boys were given unique (for 2007) first names.

A full list of all first names registered in 2007 may be downloaded from our website.

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