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Jack and Sophie are Scotland's Top Baby Names

Jack and Sophie are Scotland's Top Baby Names

Thursday, 20 Dec 2012
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Jack and Sophie were the most popular baby names in 2012, National Records of Scotland announced today.

New data shows Jack remains the top boys’ name with Lewis in second place – both for a fifth consecutive year – and Sophie is the most popular girls’ name for the eighth year in a row.

Between them, Jack and Lewis have been the top two boys’ names for the past 14 consecutive years. Jack has been number one (with Lewis second) in 10 of those years, and Lewis has been top (with Jack second) for the other four.

Riley is the only new entrant to the boys' top ten, rising 11 places to third. James, Logan and Daniel are fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively. Ethan, Harry, Alexander and Oliver make up the rest of the boys' top ten.

Max, Tyler, Alfie, Mason and Liam have moved into the top 20. Those falling down the ranking include Ryan, Cameron, Matthew, Aiden and Jayden.

Emily climbed four places to second in this year’s list. Olivia, Ava, Lucy and Isla are third, fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. Lily has fallen from second to seventh. Jessica, Amelia and Mia complete the girls’ top ten. Erin, Kayla, Abbie and Megan are less popular than last year.

National Records of Scotland registered the births of around 27,700 boys and 26,400 girls in the first 11 months of 2012. The top 50 boys’ first names accounted for 44 per cent of all those registered and the top 50 girls’ first names accounted for 41 per cent of the registrations.

Parents chose almost 7,400 different first forenames for their children and nearly 4,800 of these were unique.

Big climbers in the 2012 baby name charts include:

  • Riley (up 11 places to third)
  • Max (up 15 places to 11th)
  • Tyler (up 20 places to 12th)
  • Mason (up 13 places to 18th)
  • Harris (up 20 places to 29th)
  • Amelia (up 20 places to ninth)
  • Millie (up seven places to 11th)
  • Ella (up eight places to joint 25th)
  • Poppy (up 11 places to 34th)
  • Orla (up 19 places to 36th)

The full publication, Babies' First Names 2012, is available on the NRS website