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Mid-year population estimates for Scotland in 2022

Mid-year population estimates for Scotland in 2022

Tuesday, 26 Mar 2024
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There were 5,447,700 people living in Scotland in mid-2022, according to the latest estimates from National Records of Scotland. 

The Mid-Year Population Estimates are the first of their type to be based on the new data from Scotland’s recent census. 

The figures show the population was 51.4% female. They also show that 20% of people in Scotland were aged 65 and over, while 16% were aged 0 to 15 years. 

Head of Population and Migration Statistics Esther Roughsedge said:

“These figures are important for government and other service providers as they are key to allocating resources to communities the length and breadth of Scotland. 

“All areas need resources, but you need different types depending on the make-up of the population. For example, you may need different resources in areas where there are more older people.” 

Of the 32 council areas in Scotland, Glasgow City had the highest population with 622,800. This was followed by City of Edinburgh at 515,000. The three island council areas had the lowest populations. Of these, Orkney Islands was the smallest, with 22,000 residents.


  1. The National Records of Scotland (NRS) is responsible for producing statistics on Scotland’s population. 
  2. The report Mid-Year Population Estimates 2022 is available on our website.
  3. These estimates will be followed by rebased population estimates for mid-2011 to mid-2021, to be consistent with these figures which are based on the 2022 census. This is standard practice whenever there is a census. When this is published, the report will include more analysis of the changes to the population over the last decade, as well as the components of change over time (births, deaths and migration).
  4. Official statistics are produced by professionally independent statistical staff. 

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